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Training Day w/ Gia Trevisan

by GoodTechies on Sep 12, 2021

Training Day w/ Gia Trevisan - Aussie Fitness Pros

In October 2020 we put a call out to Aussie followers to have the opportunity to have a training day with professional track and field athlete and Orange County local Gia Trevisan.

Gia taught the group best practices for warming up, strengthening exercises and demonstrated correct running form. Our resident track and field superstar ( from his high school days ) Mad Mike decided to challenge Gia to a 400m race. He lost but watching Gia and Mike sprinting on the Aussie Pro Runners side by side was awesome.

To follow Gia’s journey add her on Instagram @giatrevisan

Watch out for future Training Days that you can participate in on our Instagram.