Aussie Pro Runner
Aussie Pro Runner
Aussie Pro Runner
Aussie Pro Runner

Aussie Pro Runner

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The AUSSIE PRO RUNNER delivers the most effective workout your body can handle. Designed for athletes by athletes, this performance machine is guaranteed to burn more calories than a typical treadimll, increase VO2 max levels, and improve power, speed, coordination, and endurance.

“As a runningback powerful drive out of the back field is huge so the added resistance is great”

-Kenyan Drake, NFL Runningback


With 7 levels of magnetic resistance and dual handle bars the AUSSIE PRO RUNNER is a versatile machine. The days of boring treadmill workouts are over. Fully engage your glutes, hamstrings, and core as you push yourself to new limits in sled mode. Then go no reistance and HIIT those sprints. The AUSSIE goes as fast as you go. As long as you can go. Walk, Jog, Sprint, Sled. LFG


The AUSSIE PRO RUNNER is a top choice for personal trainers, physical therapists, and rehabilitation centers. With a wide running area of 19” and shock absorbing treads, the impact is minimal, creating the opportunity to train without injury. Gone are the days of busted knees and sore backs. More gains. Less aches.